Mrs. Janice Ford  ~ Grade 4

Week in a Peek ~Jose Born to Dance

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Thursday, December 6


Spelling ~ retake test Friday, if needed


Reading ~ vocabulary and story quizzes


Book-It reports due tomorrow


Wednesday, December 5


Spelling ~ retake test Friday, if needed


Reading ~ reread pages 262-271


Math ~ wb 31 (complete 20 & 21)


Book-It Reports due Friday and Ritz movie letters went home today.  Look over letter, pick out candy, and return form.


Tuesday, December 4


Reading ~ reread pages 262-266 of “Dr. Mr. Winston”


Spelling ~ wb 100-101-102; write story about submarine trip using 5 spelling words


Book-It is due on Friday


Work on gathering up some names and addresses of friends/family who live in the USA (other than PA) for our upcoming postcard project


Monday, December 3


Spelling ~ wb 100-101-102; spelling test Tuesday (oops I forgot on Friday ~ sorry)


Math ~ wb 29 choose any 8 problems and solve them on paper



Thursday, November 29


Spelling ~ Test on consonant cluster words on Friday


English ~ quiz on collective nouns


Mass @ 12:05 ~ wear mass uniform; wear pants or tights girls


Wednesday, November 28


Spelling ~ complete the spelling booklet on consonant clusters; pretest will be tomorrow (Thursday)


Math ~ wb 27 (17-23); show all your work; math quiz on addition with regrouping tomorrow


English ~ wb 28 (all); quiz on Friday will be on COLLECTIVE NOUNS




Reading ~ bring in items for a collage (magazine pictures, photos, miscellaneous fabric, nature, stuff)


Spelling ~ booklet on consonant clusters due on Thursday; pretest on Thursday


English ~ complete wb 29 (16-17-18-19) with a noun MUST BE SPELLED CORRECTLY


Week in a Peek ~after thanksgiving





Monday, November 26 ~ Tuesday, November 27








Remember tomorrow, Tuesday, is the final t-shirt for canned goods day.  Fourth Grade did an incredible job collecting canned goods!








Reading ~ we will be working on our very own Uncle Romie/Romere Bearden collages this week ~ think of a subject you would like to represent in your very own collage ~ start looking for materials (pictures and such) that you want to use on your collage








Monday, November 19








Reading ~ vocabulary and story quizzes for “Me and Uncle Romie” will be on Tuesday








Spelling ~ test on 20 list words will be Tuesday (for those who did not get a 100% last Wednesday)








Religion ~ Chapter 4 test will be given on Wednesday morning








T-shirt for canned good Tuesday!








Carnival money and forms may be brought in tomorrow.








Grade 4 will be doing the readings at mass on Wednesday since we missed school mass last Friday.  Please join us to celebrate Thanksgiving mass at 10:00 Wednesday.








Snow day #2!








We will be having spelling test and English quiz on Monday.  I’m not a fan of Monday assessments, but we will review prior to beginning the quiz.















Well, our first snow day… in November!








Spelling ~ test will be given on Friday, 11/16








English ~ quiz on possessive nouns will be on Friday, 11/16, as well








Reading ~ we will go over “Me and Uncle Romie” and continue to discuss page 243; vocabulary quiz and story quiz will be rescheduled for next week (exact day to be determined); think of an idea for a collage ~ we will be trying our hand at Uncle Romie aka Romere Bearden next week








Mass ~ as of now we will be attending mass at 12:05; practice your reading parts and wear mass uniforms; everyone grab a warm coat, gloves or mittens, and a hat and girls wear tights with your uniform skirt








Wednesday, November 14








Spelling ~ test if need to take it Friday








Reading ~ reread pages 236-243; read over 243 carefully (possible quiz material)








English ~ possessive noun quiz








Tuesday, November 13








Parents  *  Please sign and return report cards as soon as possible.








*  Return the Spiral Math folders and Spelling composition notebooks ~ ASAP ~ the kids need to use both this week!








*  We are planning this week’s mass and doing the readings, introduction, and petitions as well as taking up the gifts ~ join us if you are able.








Spelling ~ wb 88-89-90 spelling words with /ou/ and /o/ sounds; write an email telling someone about a sporting event ~ kids may actually write this assignment as an email and send it to me (; workbook pages and email assignment are due on Wednesday; pretest Wednesday (11/14)








Reading ~ reread pages 232-235 “Me and Uncle Romie”








English ~ we are preparing for a singular and plural possessive quiz on Thursday; complete the ws with 10 nouns written in their singular form, singular possessive, plural form and plural possessive form); YOU MUST BRING IT TO SCHOOL TOMORROW
















Week in a Peek ~ Nov. 12 -16








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Thursday, November 8








Math ~ wb 26 (solve actual problem with mentally estimating #16, 18, 20, 22)








Mass tomorrow








Tuesday, November








Spelling ~ pretest and homework are due








Math ~ Chapter 2 Test on Wednesday








Monday, November 5















Spelling ~ 20 list words with silent consonant; complete wb 372-373-374 which is due on Wednesday; write a paragraph using 5 spelling words to review a documentary on Egyptian pyramids (read about this assignment further on wb 372); pretest Wednesday








Reading ~ story quiz on “Coming Distractions: Questioning Movies” and “How Did They Do That”; it would be helpful to reread both selections








English ~ I wrote one noun on everyone’s homework form (in the notes section); students should write that word as a plural, as a singular possessive, as a plural possessive ~ Example follows ~ kite, kites, kite’s and kites’   Another example ~ mouse, mice, mouse’s, mice’s 








T-shirt Tuesday for canned good & jeans for pop donation for the festival.








Week in a Peek ~ veterans















click on the link above to access the November 5 – 9 plans




































Tuesday, October 30








Spelling ~ homework wb 76-77-78 due; don’t forget to write that paragraph telling about how you check or proofread your work ~ use 5 spelling words; pretest Wed.








Reading ~ reread 203-207 in text








English ~ quiz on plural nouns








Dismissal @ 11:00 to go get lunch and ready for the parade and party!








Reading ~ We went  over a new list of 10 vocabulary words for the selection “Coming Distractions: Questioning Movies”








Religion ~ Chapter 3 Test








Spelling ~ vowel sound of long and short /oo/ word list; complete wb. 76-77-78 and writing assignment using 5 spelling list words (assignment is explained on wb. 76); assignments are due on Wednesday; pretest Wednesday








English ~ practice changing singular nouns to plural; quiz on singular and plural nouns on Wednesday
















Click on link below to access Oct. 29-Nov. 2








Week in a Peek ~Halloween















Thursday, October 25








Math ~ complete 2 estimation problems from page 82








Spelling ~ test if not get 100%








Reading ~ vocabulary and story quizzes “Invasion from Mars”















Wednesday, October 24








Spelling ~ Test on Friday if no 100% today; bonus word is attitude for Friday








Reading ~ Finish reading “Invasion from Mars” pages 182-185








Math ~ work on addition and subtraction facts








Tuesday, October 23








Spelling ~ hw due and pretest on Wednesday








Reading ~ reread 176-181








English ~ quiz on common and proper nouns; wb 22 would be great practice








Monday, October 22








Spelling ~ wb.64-65-66; write 5 sentences about a job using 5 spelling words; this week’s words focus on the long and short o sound (multiple ways of spelling the same sound!);  








Click on the link below to access (October 22-26 Week in a Peek)








Week in a Peek ~ Invasion From Mars















Thursday, October 18








Social Studies ~ Test on Chapter 1; notebook due; we thoroughly reviewed the vocabulary, short answer, and essay questions for the test; wb 1 -11 would provide additional information to help with studying








Spelling ~ test on homophone list part 2








Book-It Reports are due on November 2








Monday, October 15








Reading ~ reread story “Hoderi the Fisherman” pages 158-160; story quiz will be on Wednesday








Spelling ~ homophone list Part 2; homework is ws with sentences and write a paragraph or story in spelling notebook using 2 pairs (4 spelling words); hw due Wed.; pretest Wednesday








English ~ find 6 nouns (the words) in magazines, newspaper, junk mail; cut the six words out and put them in envelope or baggie for homework








Social Studies ~ Chapter 1 Test on Friday; Chapter 1 SS notebook is due on Friday








click on link below to access this week’s overview








Week in a Peek ~ October








Thursday, October 11








Reading ~ change of plans… reading vocabulary word quiz ONLY; we will NOT be having a story quiz on “Stormalong” until NEXT week








Spelling ~ test on the 20 homophone word list; bonus words are their, there, and they’re















Wednesday, October 10








English ~ Test on chapter 1; text pages 24 and 25 great review pages; wb. 1-15 (except 12-13) 








          4 types of sentences








             declarative ~ tell








             interrogative ~ ask








             exclamatory ~emotion/energy








              imperative ~ order or direction








          subject and predicate of sentences








                 subject ~ who or what is doing something








                 predicate ~ what action or being is going on)








                 simple, complete, compound subject and predicate








Reading ~ reread pages 143-148 of “Stormalong”








Continue practicing mass readings for Friday











































Tuesday, October 9








Reading ~ reread pages 138-143








Spelling ~ complete wb. 52-53-54








English ~ do wb 14 (1-7) and wb 15 (1-4); we have an English Chapter test on Thursday ~ compound sentences will be a part of it; 








Monday, October 8








Reading ~ we defined 10 words for the story “Stormalong”; for homework complete the vocabulary worksheet and write 5 sentences using vocab. words ~ due Tuesday








Spelling ~ homophone list of 20 words; bonus words ~ their, there, they’re ~ must get all three used properly and spelled correctly; wb 52-53-54 due Wednesday; writing assignment this week is to use a pair of spelling words in a riddle (example~ What did the woman notice when she visited the ocean?  She could see the sea.)








Rosary Lady, Mrs. Margie Walsh, visited 4th Grade today.  Her enthusiasm and faith are so inspiring and hopefully contagious.   Ask your child what he/she learned today ~ 2 1/2 minutes per decade…








Click on the link below for Week in a Peek for October 8 – 12








Week in a Peek ~ Stormalong
















Click link below for Week in a Peek for October 1 – 5








Week in a Peek ~ Terra Nova















Thursday, October 4








Terra Nova testing is complete for Grade 4!  Thank you to all the students for their hard work and great effort.  If your child was absent and/or missed a portion of the test, I will be scheduling the time for them to make up their tests.  On another note, I think it would be nice for one more day of a simple snack to finish out the week.  








Happy Feast of St. Francis to you all!















Wednesday, October 3















Feast of St. Francis ~ Wear mass uniform/mass is at 12:05








                               Blessing of the Pets @ 2:00








                               Bring SPCA donations















Religion ~ Chapter 2 Test















Terra Nova testing wraps up today ~ students who need to make up tests will be given time/day to finish















Tuesday, October 2















Terra Nova testing continues on Wednesday.








Grade 4, don’t forget to do your French homework and bring it and your binder to school.








Book-It reports were handed out today.  Each student is required to read one chapter book each month and complete a Book Report Fun worksheet.  This worksheet has a student summarize the elements of the story (including characters, setting, main events, conflict, and conclusion).  Every section must be completed in full and complete sentence form.  This worksheet/report is not optional.  Each month, the students will receive a coupon from Pizza Hut for an individual pan pizza.  I realize not every student likes Pizza Hut, however, I am require them to read and summarize one book monthly.  The October Book-It report is due on Friday, Nov. 2nd.  Below is the form that students are to complete after finishing their October chapter book.























Thursday, September 27








Reading ~ reread  “The Power of W.O.W.!” and study vocabulary words; quiz on story comprehension and vocabulary Friday








Spelling ~ test on Friday if you didn’t get 100% on pretest








THINK ~ think of some ideas for the Grade 4 Museum








Wednesday, September 26








Reading ~ reread Act II pages 116-121 of  “The Power of W.O.W.!” ; practice vocabulary








Spelling ~ test on Friday if you didn’t get 100% on pretest








Math ~ chapter 1 test








Tuesday, September 25








Reading ~ reread Act I pages 112-115 of “The Power of W.O.W.!”  practice reading vocabulary words








Spelling ~ wb 40-41-42 are due tomorrow/Wed.  Also, write paragraph in spelling composition book about voyage; pretest Wednesday








Math ~ test on Chapter 1 on Thursday (rounding, place value, word form, standard form, expanded form, making change, comparing, & ordering numbers








French Class tomorrow ~ bring your French binder and homework








Monday, September 24








Reading ~ we defined words in our vocabulary notebooks for our new story “The Power of W.O.W.!”








Spelling ~ long and short o sound; complete wb 40-41-42; write a paragraph about a voyage to another country using 5 spelling words; due Wednesday; pretest Wednesday








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Week in a Peek ~The Power of WOW
















Tuesday, September 18








Math ~ Quiz on rounding and estimation








Spelling ~ hw pages 28-29-30 in workbook are due; writing assignment wb 28 (rules about zoo) using 5 spelling words is due; pretest Wednesday








Week in a Peek ~ In-service Sept. 








This is revised ~ click above to access document.








Monday, September 17








Spelling ~ wb. 28-29-30; write zoo rules (as per wb 28 bottom); due on Wednesday; pretest Wednesday; final spelling test on Thursday this week only








Math ~ wb 10








English ~ quiz Tuesday on simple and complete subjects and predicates




































Thursday ~ September 13








We will have a spelling test on Friday.  Only the students who did not get a 100% on the pretest need to take the test.  All students will spell the bonus word (reveal).








Reading ~ Vocabulary quiz on the 10 words from “My Brother Martin” will be on Friday.  We also will have a quiz on details and comprehension of the story.  























Monday/Tuesday September 10/11 ~ Story for the week is “My Brother Martin” and spelling list is long and short e sound








Spelling ~ wb 16-17-18 is due on Wednesday; complete the three wb pages and write a paragraph (directions on wb 16 bottom) in spelling notebook;








pretest is on Wednesday








Math ~ solve one problem making change by counting up (use the worksheet I gave you)








Reading ~ Reread pages 50-53 of the story “My Brother Martin”















Click on the link below to access this week’s (September 10-14) Week in a Peek, an overview of what’s happening in Fourth Grade.








Week in a Peek ~my brother martin








Thursday, September 6








ONE TIME ONLY…Mrs. Clancy has given the students permission to wear shorts and/or skorts on a mass day.  Because of the uncomfortable temperatures, she is making this one time exception to the mass uniform.  








Reading ~ Vocabulary and story comprehension quiz on Friday.  Story comprehension questions include questions about setting, plot, and characters as well as questions about narration and flashbacks.








Spelling ~ Students who did not get 100% on the pretest will need to take their spelling test tomorrow.








Tuesday, September 4








Thank you everyone for getting those textbooks covered!  Tonight’s homework is…








Reading ~ reread pages 22-26 of the story “Because of Winn Dixie.”  DO NOT finish reading the story ~ we will make some predictions about what we think will happen next and finish reading in class tomorrow.








Spelling ~ workbook 4-5-6 are due Wednesday, along with a spelling pretest.  We went over these pages last week and had a great deal of time to get it done.  Also, remember to do the writing assignment about a sporting record that was broken.  Do the writing assignment in your spelling notebook (the one I gave you last week).








Don’t forget to look over the new menu and hand it in by Friday!






















Tuesday, August 28








Spelling ~ Homework wb 4-5-6 was explained today.  It will be due NEXT Wednesday, Sept. 5.  Normally, I will assign spelling on Mondays, and it will be due the following Wednesday.  We have a strange schedule for this week.  We are doing long and short a.  There is also a writing assignment on wb 4.  Students should write the assignment in the spelling notebook I gave them today.  The pretest on these 20 words and the bonus (champion) will be on September 5th.  






















2018-2019 Fourth Grade Parents and Students ~ Click below on the Week in a Peek to open the document.  I intend to post a weekly post with tests, events, and general information on the Fourth Grade page.  








 Week in a Peek ~ first day of school
















Good Tuesday Morning!  Summer vacation is rapidly drifting away, and our thoughts are turning to a new school year.  I have a quote (from Lucy Montgomery) on my desk that reads, “Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet.”  If we approach each day, each week, each month and year with that idea, perhaps we can approach it all fresh, bright, and enthusiastically!








Tomorrow is the annual Back to School Picnic.  I hope to see you there.  Packets will be available at that time, or you can pick them up in the school office in the days following. 








Fourth Grade students will need very little in terms  of school supplies to get started.  I ask each student to bring/get 5 book covers/jackets to cover their hardback books.  Also, a one subject notebook will be needed, along with some pencils. 















See you all soon.  Enjoy the remaining days of summer vacation!