Mrs. Janice Ford ~ Grade 4

Tuesday, September 18

Math ~ Quiz on rounding and estimation

Spelling ~ hw pages 28-29-30 in workbook are due; writing assignment wb 28 (rules about zoo) using 5 spelling words is due; pretest Wednesday

Week in a Peek ~ In-service Sept. 

This is revised ~ click above to access document.

Monday, September 17

Spelling ~ wb. 28-29-30; write zoo rules (as per wb 28 bottom); due on Wednesday; pretest Wednesday; final spelling test on Thursday this week only

Math ~ wb 10

English ~ quiz Tuesday on simple and complete subjects and predicates

Thursday ~ September 13

We will have a spelling test on Friday.  Only the students who did not get a 100% on the pretest need to take the test.  All students will spell the bonus word (reveal).

Reading ~ Vocabulary quiz on the 10 words from “My Brother Martin” will be on Friday.  We also will have a quiz on details and comprehension of the story.  


Monday/Tuesday September 10/11 ~ Story for the week is “My Brother Martin” and spelling list is long and short e sound

Spelling ~ wb 16-17-18 is due on Wednesday; complete the three wb pages and write a paragraph (directions on wb 16 bottom) in spelling notebook;

pretest is on Wednesday

Math ~ solve one problem making change by counting up (use the worksheet I gave you)

Reading ~ Reread pages 50-53 of the story “My Brother Martin”

Click on the link below to access this week’s (September 10-14) Week in a Peek, an overview of what’s happening in Fourth Grade.

Week in a Peek ~my brother martin

Thursday, September 6

ONE TIME ONLY…Mrs. Clancy has given the students permission to wear shorts and/or skorts on a mass day.  Because of the uncomfortable temperatures, she is making this one time exception to the mass uniform.  

Reading ~ Vocabulary and story comprehension quiz on Friday.  Story comprehension questions include questions about setting, plot, and characters as well as questions about narration and flashbacks.

Spelling ~ Students who did not get 100% on the pretest will need to take their spelling test tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 4

Thank you everyone for getting those textbooks covered!  Tonight’s homework is…

Reading ~ reread pages 22-26 of the story “Because of Winn Dixie.”  DO NOT finish reading the story ~ we will make some predictions about what we think will happen next and finish reading in class tomorrow.

Spelling ~ workbook 4-5-6 are due Wednesday, along with a spelling pretest.  We went over these pages last week and had a great deal of time to get it done.  Also, remember to do the writing assignment about a sporting record that was broken.  Do the writing assignment in your spelling notebook (the one I gave you last week).

Don’t forget to look over the new menu and hand it in by Friday!

Tuesday, August 28

Spelling ~ Homework wb 4-5-6 was explained today.  It will be due NEXT Wednesday, Sept. 5.  Normally, I will assign spelling on Mondays, and it will be due the following Wednesday.  We have a strange schedule for this week.  We are doing long and short a.  There is also a writing assignment on wb 4.  Students should write the assignment in the spelling notebook I gave them today.  The pretest on these 20 words and the bonus (champion) will be on September 5th.  

2018-2019 Fourth Grade Parents and Students ~ Click below on the Week in a Peek to open the document.  I intend to post a weekly post with tests, events, and general information on the Fourth Grade page.  

 Week in a Peek ~ first day of school


Good Tuesday Morning!  Summer vacation is rapidly drifting away, and our thoughts are turning to a new school year.  I have a quote (from Lucy Montgomery) on my desk that reads, “Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet.”  If we approach each day, each week, each month and year with that idea, perhaps we can approach it all fresh, bright, and enthusiastically!

Tomorrow is the annual Back to School Picnic.  I hope to see you there.  Packets will be available at that time, or you can pick them up in the school office in the days following. 

Fourth Grade students will need very little in terms  of school supplies to get started.  I ask each student to bring/get 5 book covers/jackets to cover their hardback books.  Also, a one subject notebook will be needed, along with some pencils. 

See you all soon.  Enjoy the remaining days of summer vacation!