Mrs. Janice Ford ~ Grade 4


Thank you to all of the Fourth Grade Students for a wonderful year!  I appreciate all of your hard work and effort.  It was a pleasure working with you and watching you grow and mature.  Continue working hard and always be the best you!

Grade 4…Final’s Schedule for Tuesday, May 22

Social Studies ~ Map quiz on the Northeast states and capitals; abbreviations will be extra credit; the spelling of Pennsylvania and Harrisburg must be correct, however, the other states and capital must be recognizable

English ~ The cumulative (chapters 1-5) test that WAS scheduled for Tuesday HAS BEEN CHANGED to Wednesday (along with the Fractions Test we will have in Math on Wednesday)



Mr. Wulderk would like to take grade 4 to the Historical Society tomorrow afternoon.  Please have kids bring light jackets and/or rain gear.


Social Studies ~ We have a West Region states and capitals quiz tomorrow, Wedneday, May 16th.  The abbreviations will be extra credit. 

English ~ Friday, May 18th, we will have a test on verbs.


Reading ~ quiz on Out of the Dust part I vocabulary words

English ~ complete wb page 86

No mass tomorrow ~ so no need for mass uniforms. 

Please forgive me…

I have not posted homework or updated information for quite some time.  Some computer and/or internet glitches, as well as some of my own issues, have made me fall behind.  Anyway, I am going to try to be more up-to-date.

Next Tuesday, May 15th, is our field trip.  An informational letter was sent home last Friday.  Please check it out!

field trip letter 2018

Other news…

Mr. David Wulderk will be in Fourth Grade next Wednesday afternoon as my substitute teacher.  He would like to take the 4th Grade Students to the Historical Society for an afternoon visit.  If any parent is available to accompany them, please contact me for details.  The trip consists of a quick walk down, time at the Historical Society, and the return trip to the school.  Mr. Wulderk is going to walk them down, but he could use the assistance of another pair or two of watchful eyes and ears!




Health Fair letter

Week in a Peek ~Health Fair


Don’t forget DelGrosso Park reservations are due on Tuesday.  If you can’t quite locate yours, Mrs. Clancy posted the order form on line.


Tuesday, May 1st is the Grade 4 Health Fair at the Clearfield Fairgrounds.  Please see the flyer I sent home in the weekly envelope last Thursday for further details.




Week in a Peek ~ CIA day


Week in a Peek ~Pony Trot edition






Thursday, April 12




Math ~ wb 62 (complete long division #7, 8, 11, and 12)




Wear Mass uniform tomorrow.




Wednesday, April 11




Reading ~ vocabulary and story quizzes; reread the story




Math ~ wb 61 (11, 12, 13, 14); slowly and steadily solve those long division problems




Social Studies ~ SW map and notebook lists were handed out; please note that spelling and abbreviation are included for SW region




Tuesday, April 10








Reading ~ reread “The Ever Living Tree” pgs. 685-700; vocabulary & story quizzes on Thursday




Math ~ wb. 60 (solve long division for #15, 16, 17,. 18)




English ~ wb 78 (will be used as a quiz grade)















Monday, April 9 homework assignments:








Math ~ wb. 59 (complete entire workbook page)








English ~ wb 77 (complete all ~ carefully read all directions)















Wednesday, April 4th








*  Pony Trot registration forms due this Friday!  Don’t forget the class competition.








*  Burger King dine-out night is tonight from 4:00-8:00








Spelling ~ pretests were returned; test Friday if needed








Social Studies ~ Map Quiz on Thursday; know states, capitals, abbreviations, and locations of 12 states; know the 5 great Lakes and location








Reading ~ reread pages 684-689 “The Ever Living Tree”; vocabulary quiz on Friday; story quiz will be next week































Tuesday, April 3rd
















Math ~ wb 57 (do 9-20); we are looking for a compatible number ~ do not round (example… 248 divided by 5 use 250 divided by 5= about 50)
















Spelling ~ wb 304-305-306; complete pages and do writing assignment on wb 304; due on Wednesday; pretest Wednesday
















Social Studies ~ map quiz on Thursday (4/5) of the 12 states, capitals, and Great Lakes
















Religion ~ we are making Easter season booklets that tell the story of Easter events; we cut them out and stapled them; bring them Wednesday
















Gym class on Wednesday; Book-It reports due tomorrow too
















Monday, April 2nd
















Good evening Fourth Grade!  Our short, but hopefully enjoyable, Easter vacation/break is coming to an end in a few short hours.  Some reminders for you all…
















Wednesday, April 4th ~ Book-It reports are due.  This is the final report of the year.  Remember all sections need completed in full sentences.
















Thursday, April 5th ~ Social Studies Mid-west map quiz.  Students must know the 12 states, capitals, and their location on a map.  The 5 Great Lakes are also on this quiz.
















Friday, April 6th ~ Social Studies Chapter Test and the notebook is due.
















































Tuesday, March 27
















English ~ complete wb 73 and make a list of 6 verbs that begin with the first letter of your last name (ex. Ford would make verbs like fly, fight, and fling)
















Religion ~ we went to the Stations of the Cross at the church with Father Brandon; Grade 4 also created beautiful Paschal Candles (look for them tomorrow)
















Tuesday, March 20 ~ please return DCC Retreat permission form (retreat is on Thursday)
















Religion ~ Chapter 10 Test
















Reading ~ story quiz on “I Could Do That!” and “The Role of the Constitution”
















Math ~ wb 54 (all)















































Monday, March 19
































Happy Feast of Saint Joseph!
































Reading ~ read pages 670-674
































Math ~ complete wb 53 (all)
































Religion ~ test on Wednesday
































Week in a Peek ~ March 2018
































(click on above to access March 18 – 24th Week in a Peek)
































Thursday, March 15
































Spelling ~ test on list words if needed
































Reading ~ reread entire story “I Could Do That!” pages 660-665; vocabulary quiz on Friday; story quiz postponed so we can further explore the story next week; the date of the story quiz will be announced soon
































Wednesday, March 14
































Math ~ chapter 4 multiplication test (pages for practice include page 158, 160, & 162); review multiplication properties, rounding and multiplying with zeros, and multiplication
































Tuesday, March 13
































Spelling ~ wb 292- 293-294
































Reading ~ reread pages 653-659
































Math ~ wb 51 do 1 & 6
































English ~ quiz on comparison adjectives































































Spelling ~ wb. 292-293-294 and write paragraph (instructions on wb. 292) using 5 spelling words; due on Wednesday; pretest Wed.
































Reading ~ defined words for “I Could Do That!” in notebook; complete ws word search; due on Tuesday
































Math ~ wb 50 (complete numbers 21, 22, 23, 24); math test on Thursday on multiplication
































English ~ quiz on comparative adjectives on Wednesday (er & est, more & most, good/better/best, bad/worse/worst)
































































Week in a Peek ~ I Could Do That 2018                                       































































Thursday, March 8
































Reading ~ reread story and study vocabulary words; story and vocabulary quizzes tomorrow, Friday
































Spelling ~ test Friday, if you didn’t get 100% on Wednesday
































Math ~ wb 50 (1-6); students need to carefully multiply and add factors of 3 digits times 2 digits; be neat and accurate
































Wednesday, March 7
































































Spelling ~ hw & pretest were today
































Reading ~ finish reading “The World According to Humphrey” pages 632-638; be prepared to talk about the theme of the story
































Math ~ wb 49 (do 20, 21, 22); remember to label answers for 20 and 22































































































































Week in a Peek ~ The World According to Humphrey
































































(click on above to access the March 5-9 Week in a Peek)































































































































Monday, March 5
































































Spelling ~ wb. 280-281-282 due Wednesday; wb. 280 write a journal entry using 5 spelling words  about a sporting event that has two friends and/or relatives competing against one another & how you cheer them both on; pretest Wednesday
































































Religion ~ Chapter 9 Test































































































































We are beginning our study of the Midwest region.  Students are responsible for learning the state, capital, and location of the 12 MW states, as well as the 5 Great Lakes.  A blank copy of the MW region will be handed out tomorrow, Friday, and we will be working on the MW region for the next few weeks.  I will announce the date of the MW map quiz a few days in advance.

Thursday, March 1

Math ~ wb 49 (problems 10 & 15 estimate and actual)

Reading ~ vocabulary and story quiz on “Sacagawea”

Spelling ~ test if needed

We have mass ~ remember mass uniform and bring raincoat, umbrella, and/or hooded jacket!

Wednesday, February 28

Reading ~ reread “Sacagawea” pages up to and including page 597

Math ~ complete wb. 48  (6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13) actual and estimate for each; this will be graded as a quiz ~ please don’t correct the problems with/for your child on this, I am trying to assess how well they are grasping the multiplication of two digits by two digits (if you do look over their work, perhaps you could advise him/her to recheck. multiplication and/or addition)

Monday, February 26

Today was a very busy day…

Social Studies ~ we prepared/reviewed for SS Chapter 6 test on Tuesday; notebooks were checked BUT not collected; I will collect them and check them further on Tuesday

Math ~ wb 47 miscellaneous problems (7, 8, 9, 11, 14, 18, 23, 24); round each number and find the estimated product only at this time

Reading ~ we defined the vocabulary words for “Sacagawea”; complete the ws (word, definition, sentence, example and non-example) using 3 of this week’s vocabulary words

Spelling ~ wb 244, 245, 246 due on Wednesday; write an email about a favorite movie scene using 5 spelling words (you may email it to me; pretest on Wednesday

Week in a Peek ~Sacagawea

Friday, February 23 ~ Fourth Grade have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 21

Spelling ~ pretests were returned ~ test on friday if any list words were missed

Reading ~ reread story “Harvesting Hope: The Story of Cesar Chavez” ; vocabulary quiz on Friday; we will thoroughly review Friday morning before the Story comprehension quiz

Social Studies ~ Southeast map quiz retake on friday (This applies to those students who were unprepared and struggled ~ first quiz and retake quiz scores will be averaged together and that score will be recorded); Chapter 6 SE region notebook will NOW be due on Monday, Feb.26yh; Chapter 6 Test will be on Tuesday

Mass on Friday @ 12:05 (wear mass uniform); EArly dismissal will be @ 1:00 for all students

Monday, February 19th

Spelling ~ word list featuring words with suffixes (-ness, -ment, -ful, & -less)  complete wb. 232-233-234 due on Wednesday; pretest Wednesday; write a list using 5 spelling words (follow directions on wb 232)

Reading ~ review 10 vocabulary words from “Harvesting Hope:  The Cesar Chavez Story”; complete vocabulary ws due on Tuesday

English ~ quiz on adjectives (articles ~ a, an, the AND demonstrative adjectives ~ this, that, these, those)

Social Studies ~ quiz on the Southeast region states and capitals on Wednesday; the two letter abbreviations are bonus (please remember that the abbreviations are two capital letters with no punctuation ex. WV, GA, TN)

Math ~ multiplication quiz from last week was returned today (some students struggled and/or made avoidable mistakes, please sign and return quiz if it is marked as such)

FYI…if you click on the Week in a Peek ~ harvesting hope 2018,  (directly below), you can access a PDF of the document


Week in a Peek ~harvesting hope 2018

Grade 4 Classroom News & Assignments


Thursday, February 15

Religion ~ Test on Chapter 8 

English ~ complete 56 (1-7 and 16-18) and wb 57 (1-24)

Social Studies ~ finish reading page 190; work on lesson 1 and 2 vocabulary notebook; study SE states and capitals for quiz next Wednesday

Tuesday, February 13

Mass for Ash Wednesday ~ wear mass uniform.

Reading ~ quiz on vocabulary and story comprehension

Math ~ wb 43 (16-23)

Monday, February 12

  1. Math wb. 42 (all);
  2. English wb. 55 (all);
  3. SS work on SE notebook;
  4. Reading ~ reread “Hercules’ Quest” & “Zoma’s Friends”

Sunday, February 11, 2018

We will continue reading “Hercules’ Quest” this week.  Our vocabulary and story quizzes will be on Wednesday.

We will not be having a spelling list, homework, or test this week.

Tuesday is the Valentine’s Day party for Fourth Grade.  Please send in Valentine’s Day cards for each student.  Don’t forget a simple box or bag to collect your own Valentine cards in too!

Wednesday we have mass at 12:05 for Ash Wednesday.  Remember to wear mass uniforms.  I think I heard the forecase calling for rain on Wednesday ~ don’t forget an umbrella just in case.

Friday there will be a chapter 8 religion test.  I forgot to put it on the Week in a Peek, oops.