Mrs. Janice Ford

Mrs. Ford teaches fourth grade at St. Francis.

Monday, February 19th

Spelling ~ word list featuring words with suffixes (-ness, -ment, -ful, & -less)  complete wb. 232-233-234 due on Wednesday; pretest Wednesday; write a list using 5 spelling words (follow directions on wb 232)

Reading ~ review 10 vocabulary words from “Harvesting Hope:  The Cesar Chavez Story”; complete vocabulary ws due on Tuesday

English ~ quiz on adjectives (articles ~ a, an, the AND demonstrative adjectives ~ this, that, these, those)

Social Studies ~ quiz on the Southeast region states and capitals on Wednesday; the two letter abbreviations are bonus (please remember that the abbreviations are two capital letters with no punctuation ex. WV, GA, TN)

Math ~ multiplication quiz from last week was returned today (some students struggled and/or made avoidable mistakes, please sign and return quiz if it is marked as such)

FYI…if you click on the Week in a Peek ~ harvesting hope 2018,  (directly below), you can access a PDF of the document


Week in a Peek ~harvesting hope 2018

Grade 4 Classroom News & Assignments


Thursday, February 15

Religion ~ Test on Chapter 8 

English ~ complete 56 (1-7 and 16-18) and wb 57 (1-24)

Social Studies ~ finish reading page 190; work on lesson 1 and 2 vocabulary notebook; study SE states and capitals for quiz next Wednesday

Tuesday, February 13

Mass for Ash Wednesday ~ wear mass uniform.

Reading ~ quiz on vocabulary and story comprehension

Math ~ wb 43 (16-23)

Monday, February 12

  1. Math wb. 42 (all);
  2. English wb. 55 (all);
  3. SS work on SE notebook;
  4. Reading ~ reread “Hercules’ Quest” & “Zoma’s Friends”

Sunday, February 11, 2018

We will continue reading “Hercules’ Quest” this week.  Our vocabulary and story quizzes will be on Wednesday.

We will not be having a spelling list, homework, or test this week.

Tuesday is the Valentine’s Day party for Fourth Grade.  Please send in Valentine’s Day cards for each student.  Don’t forget a simple box or bag to collect your own Valentine cards in too!

Wednesday we have mass at 12:05 for Ash Wednesday.  Remember to wear mass uniforms.  I think I heard the forecase calling for rain on Wednesday ~ don’t forget an umbrella just in case.

Friday there will be a chapter 8 religion test.  I forgot to put it on the Week in a Peek, oops.