Miss Megan Fannin

Hello! Welcome to our 3rd Grade classroom page! My name is Megan Fannin and I teach 3rd Grade at St. Francis School. I will post assignments here and classroom news. Check back soon!

Classroom News & Assignments

Week of 10/15/2018

This weeks homework was sent home Tuesday! It was a word search! NO math homework as we are working on it in class.

**Spelling test will still be on Friday.

We have changed the schedule of our Reading block. We were originally finishing our stories within 5 days, However, I have now changed this to be done in 7 days. Spelling will still be on Friday’s, but Vocabulary quizzes will now be on Tuesdays. They will take home their books to pre-read the story on Tuesdays as well.

I will now be uploading all classroom news onto here instead of sending home! Spelling lists will also be uploaded on here!!

 My Own Focus Wall HM 3rd 2014 and 2017+  *** Here is a list of all of the spelling words, make sure you are just looking at the unit 1 and lesson 5