Why choose St. Francis School?

The best choice…the only choice

“St. Francis was not just the best choice, but the only choice for our family! Aside from the strong academic programs, the school has the most caring teachers and staff striving to see each and every student achieve their full potential. The fun, family-friendly atmosphere and the core values taught to our children are second to none. Our children always feel safe, happy and are eager to go school each day. We would proudly recommend St. Francis to ALL parents in our community.”

Jana Davidson

Parent of 3rd & 6th grade students

Invest in your children

“I have been a St. Francis School parent for 18 years (with one year left) and commend the school for my children’s high honors, manners, accomplishments, big hearts, study habits and love for each other. The school was exactly what we expected and was a great foundation for such young minds. The teachers and staff aren’t just there to do a job, the love and compassion they showed my children was a selling point I shared with other soon-to-be SFS parents. If you want to invest in anything, it should be your children, and SFS is the best investment hands down.”

Mike and Holly Ryan

Parents of Jacob, Emily, Alayna, and Abby