Our student athletes are encouraged to maintain their academic standards throughout the school year, but especially during their sports season. The following policy applies to student athletes in all grades. It also applies to those St. Francis students who are playing sports through the Clearfield public school.

* If a student has one D (69-75%), they are still eligible; however, the teacher should let the student and the Athletic Director know that the student is at risk of becoming ineligible.

* If a student has two D’s or any E’s, they are ineligible. Ineligibility will start on the next day after the student is found to be ineligible. It is not fair to the coaches or parents if a student is pulled out of a game on that day, especially when travel arrangements have been made.

A student will be deemed eligible to play again when the teacher of the subject in question reports that his/her grades are no longer below the eligibility threshold. It is up to the teacher to check eligibility in a timely manner; however, the student cannot expect the teacher to immediately check tests and adjust his/her grade. A student is granted a day’s notice when they are ineligible, and so it is reasonable to also allow a day’s time for a teacher to determine when a student is eligible again.

* At all times, the Athletic Director should be kept informed of any students who are ineligible.