Today’s children learn much differently than the students of the past, and it is our job to educate them accordingly. Technology is an important tool that enables us to reach every student to ensure they are succeeding and understanding. All classrooms at St. Francis are equipped with SMARTboards. Every K-8 student has their own classroom iPad, and the teachers use apps such as Nearpod and Kahoot to make their lessons engaging and meaningful for the students.

Our library media center includes a computer lab, and all students (K-8) attend Computer classes twice a week. (Preschool attends once per week.) During their Computer classes, the students learn how to create documents and presentations and basic computer skills. They also learn valuable research skills and discern credible resources vs. unreliable sources. Digital citizenship and internet safety is covered with all age groups. Students are introduced to coding and use their skills to create and manipulate their own computer games.

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