About Us

Saint Francis School ~ Educating Minds & Empowering Souls

Since 1893, St. Francis School been providing our students with a quality education grounded in Christian ideals. Throughout the years, our graduates have gone on to be very successful in high school, in college and in their chosen careers.

Even though we are rooted in “old-fashioned” values, our school strives to provide our students with the current technology and teaching that will help them to succeed in the future. SMART boards and iPads are utilized to keep the students engaged in the lessons. Our teachers continue their education through in-services and national conventions. St. Francis School is fully accredited by the Middle States Association.

In addition to traditional academics, students attend classes in Art, Music and Physical Education. Our school library offers a great selection of books to encourage reading. Twice a week, each class has Computer class where they use technology to create projects and explore educational websites. New this year, we are offering introductory courses to four different languages to all grades, starting in Preschool.

Religion and Christian values are at the heart of our school. Although a third of our students are not Catholic, all students take part in daily prayers, Religion classes and weekly school Masses. We strive to live as Jesus did, with compassion and love. Our motto is “Educating Minds and Empowering Souls”. The goal of a St. Francis education is to prepare our youth to assume the duties of a knowledgeable Christian member of his/her family, school, and community.

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