Administration, Faculty & Staff


Pastor: Fr. Brandon Kleckner

Principal: Mrs. Sheila Clancy

Vice Principal: Mrs. Rita Crotzer

Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Lara Dixon


Faith Formation Director: Miss JJ Bungo

Scrip Coordinator: Mrs. Carly Starkey

Cafeteria Manager: Mrs. Jamie Breeden

Athletic Director: Mrs. Erin Wills

Maintenance/Custodian: Mr. Joe Olson

Maintenance/Custodian: Mr. Bill Casher

Maintenance/Custodian: Mr. Mike Ryan

Preschool Aides: Mrs. Holly Walker, Mrs. Lauren Vezza, and Miss Mary Zitzelberger

Kindergarten Aide: Mrs. Amber Yeager

First Grade Aide: Mrs. Marlaina Caiola


Preschool: Mrs. Sue Diehl

Kindergarten: Mrs. Kristen Lanich

Grade 1: Mrs. Tina Elbe

Grade 2: Mrs. Susan Thorp

Grade 3: Miss Megan Fannin

Grade 4: Mrs. Janice Ford

Grade 5: Mrs. Erin  Wills

Religion (gr. 6-8): Miss JJ Bungo

English & Social Studies (gr. 6-8): Mrs. Margie Hall

Math & Science (gr. 6-8): Miss Becky Kelly

Literature 6-8, Art K-8: Mrs. Paulette Kitko

Library & Computer: Miss Sara Liptak

Music & Band:  Mrs. Jennifer Sproull

Phys Ed:  Mrs. Missy Helsel

Foreign Language & Culture: Mrs. Barb Simpson and Mrs. Pam Babick