Financial Aid

There are many sources of financial aid available to families at St. Francis Schoool. Please note that some of these have strict deadlines. Financial aid forms are given out to all current familes in late January/early February when registration packets are sent home. New families may receive financial aid forms when they apply for admission to SFS.

The following sources of financial aid are available through the Diocese of Erie. These grants are awarded on the basis of financial need. Click this link: STAR application 2023-2024

  • Star Foundation – Application must be sent directly to Erie along with all necessary forms and fees. The deadline for this is April 15, 2023. Applicants must meet income and residency guidelines.
  • Bishop’s Tuition Assistance – This source of financial aid is included on the same appication as the Star Foundation and follows the same guidelines for fees and application due dates.

The following sources of financial aid are awarded by St. Francis School directly.

  • Sonnenberg  Scholarship – There is a separate application form for this grant. It does have income restrictions, although not usualy as strict as the Star grants. Current SFS families must complete their 20 hour volunter requirement within the current school year to be eligible for this aid inthe next school year. There is no fee to apply for this grant. The application and all required documentation must be submitted directly to the school office by March 31, 2023.  Click here for the application for the Sonnenberg and Adopt a Student Scholarships. ST. FRANCIS FINANCIAL AID APPLICATION 2023-24 
  • Adopt-a-Student Scholarships – This money is generated by donations from private individuals who designate their gifts to be used for tuition assistance. The amount of money available varies from year to year. This aid is included on the Sonnenberg Scholarship application (link listed above) and there is no fee to apply.

These links will provide some help in completing the financial aid applications:

Financial Aid directions 2023-2024 

Diocesan Tuition Assistance Overview

Raise Right (formerly called Scrip)  is an ongoing way to earn tuition credit year round. It is available to all families, regardless of income.

  • Raise Right (Scrip) – Raise Right is an ongoing way to earn tuition credit througout the year, simply by paying for everyday items with gift cards instead of cash. There are no income guidelines for this – absolutely every family is eligible to use it. You can even have family and friends use it to earn credit on your child’s tuition. Click on SCRIP from the drop down menu for more detailed info on this option. You may call the school and we will be happy to meet with you and help you to set up your child’s Raise Right tuition fund. Please note that you can set up Raise Right at any time – even before your child is old enough to attend SFS. The funds you generate will accumulate in your child’s account until he or she is ready to attend. Some families in the past have set up Scrip accounts for their babies and earned enough to pay for their entire first year’s tuition!
  • Raise Right info – How to earn tuition credit